Answering your Questions on the Battlefield 4 Spring Update

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Answering your Questions on the Battlefield 4 Spring Update

UPDATE 6/15: Minor edits/changes to answers.

Recently, the Spring Update for Battlefield 4 was released, bringing with it 5 new weapons, the new Gun Master game mode, Netcode improvements, and much more. We’ve seen a lot of excitement around this update – and also some feedback and questions.

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Below, we’ve gathered some of the most common Spring Update questions from the community.

How come roof access/ladders were removed from some infantry game Modes?

We are currently monitoring how the Maps and Modes play at the moment, and how these changes affect gameplay and flow of these infantry-focused Modes. So, keep your feedback coming.

How come some details were missing from the Spring Patch Notes?

The SRAW changes were made very early in the process, and therefore was missed. We apologize for the oversight, and are taking your feedback into consideration for future patches.

What’s up with the UCAV and Mortar deploy time?

Changes were made with the best intentions. We want to revisit this to optimize its functionality on the Battlefield.

How come the visuals on the Tracer Rounds are very prominent?

The intentions of Tracer Round visuals were to make them noticeable, but we will be taking your feedback into consideration for future patches.

How come kit specific perks/loadouts reset?

We are aware of this issue and looking into a solution. In the meantime, use the in-game Loadout menus which should work perfectly (per Faction).

How come we are still seeing “netcode” issues?

We are seeing server performance issues on some Platforms in some Regions and are working on a solution. If you experience this issue, please try to find another server.

Why has my favorite weapon been changed so much?

We are fairly happy with the weapon balance at this point, but we are always open to feedback. We suggest trying all of the weapons and providing your feedback on the forums.

Why has Zeroing distance changed?

Zeroing has changed slightly due to a resolved headglitch issue and sniper rifle bullet speed changes. The 100M reflect the actual zeroing distance. Previously it did not.

How come the Mare’s Leg seems very weak? I’m not inclined to use it.

We wanted to make sure it’s not OP when you use it at a distance. We are continuing to balance this weapon.

Why has air weapons been changed?

We felt the weapons needed to be changed to provide a better balance against other vehicle types and infantry. We may have changed a bit too much on Conquest, and are continuing to look at your feedback.

Remember that we’re always listening, so if you want answers you can’t find here – let us know in the comments below or on the forums.

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