The founders of Hard-Corps envisioned a clan that allowed complete freedom to its membership. A clan where a member could play any game they wish to play without dedicating their life to it or always being at the top of the leaderboard. They envisioned a clan that was driven by its members, not by an individual.

    On March 27, 2004, that vision became a reality when RanxeroX, Dangerous, Kojak, Y.sure, and Blonco formed Hard-Corps. -[HC]- would become the official tag and would be displayed before the member’s name. A few of the founders who had broke away from the clan Eight-Elite [8E] were soon followed by more than 75% of the Eight-Elite roster. Soon after, -[HC]- Dangerous initiated a merger with the clan, 13th Platoon Elite Assassins [-|-]. We were thrilled to have the immediate benefit of their game skills and organizational talent. At that time, we were running America’s Army, Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Vietnam and Battlefield Desert Combat teams. These teams all enjoyed success during their time of competition.

    Today, Hard-Corps has become one of the most highly recognized and respected clans within the online gaming community. Our membership has greatly expanded with more than 50 members making up our roster; in which 75% are considered currently active. We continue to provide a fun, relaxing, and enjoyable gaming environment for everyone. Thanks to our members, Hard-Corps has been an astounding success; and will remain that way for years to come!